Atelier One and Many是一个数字时代的创意设计事务所




 在AOM, “壹”和“多”具有等同的重要价值



Founded in 2015

Atelier One and Many is a starting-up collective based in London and Shanghai
 We create innovative total design from architecture to interior space

'MANY' is always thought in opposition of 'ONE'
 MANY always starts from ONE, ONE shall always follow MANY
 or sometimes, MANY needs to be led by ONE

We think the juxtaposition of ONE and MANY
 Single personality shall be built on the understanding of multiplicity
 Emergence over Authority, Diversity over Ability, Systems over Objects
 We develop multiple understanding of space, type, object, human and organization

We don't have isolated architect or singular project
 There are always multiple ONEs
 These ONEs form an emergent and responsive network